Before/After Editing for a Corporate Headshot (Las Vegas)

A popular request for professional/corporate headshots is a pure white background. Pure white is Apple-esque in its resemblance, with a modern, yet simple look. This no-frills approach is perfect for the person who wants a photo that looks professional, yet friendly. Perhaps capturing the spirit of, “I may be the CEO, but you can still grab a drink with me.” Sort of like this example of Richard Branson on a pure white background.

Or it could be fun and flirty, or business casual, at the end of the day a lot of it depends on expression. 99% of people that come to me for headshots aren’t comfortable in front of a camera, and that rare 1% are professional models who have been doing it for a while. One thing I pride myself on is being able to provide tips to bring out your best self and the expressions that come along with that… and I back that up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I also think that the devil is in the details, and I provide high-end retouches that extend beyond the typical edit.

First things first, getting it right in-camera is important. But beyond that, that’s where post-processing can take care of a lot of things that a camera can’t, use the before/after slider below to checkout my edit. I take care of everything, the tiny details like stray hairs, and if you want to look a little thinner (who doesn’t?), I can take care of that too.

The devil is in the details.

I’m not about catfishing people, I like a photo that looks real and natural. It’s important for actors, because that’s what casting directors are looking for. But I think it’s equally important in business, dating, you name it.

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