Before/After: Makeup + Modeling Headshot (Las Vegas)

One of the most memorable moments of my life was flying on a private jet to Ft. Lewis for an event with a bunch of talented entrepreneurs… one being best selling author Ramit Sethi. I remember when Ramit sat down with one of the most well known commercial photographers, Chase Jarvis, on an episode of Chase Jarvis LIVE. He said something along the lines of, “One of the biggest mistake photographers make is showing a client their portfolio, sitting back and expecting them to understand your brilliance.” I took that to heart and that’s why I’ll breakdown the process of a few of my headshots and portraits on this blog.

Over the past week or so we’ve covered two different looks. Natural lighting with Lexi Fleury for her graduation photos, and a studio lit pure white background for a corporate headshot. Today, I’m going to show you a beauty/modeling headshot of Taylor, a local who performs at some of the popular shows on the Las Vegas Strip.

Below is a before/after shot after my makeup artist went to work, though there is a change in lighting, there is ZERO PHOTOSHOP.

Many people think, “You can just fix that in Photoshop, right?” And yes, while a lot can be done in Photoshop, it’s pails in comparison to what a professional makeup artist can do. There’s a reason why they’re a must have on commercial shoots and on TV and movie sets worldwide. Some of the photographers I learned from don’t work without a makeup artist. Let’s not understate the important of getting it right in-camera. But a makeup artist can bring so much to a shoot, in this particular example she did a fantastic job balancing skin tones and hiding skin blemishes. Thus making the retouchers job a lot easier, leading to a final product that is a lot more real. With Photoshop’s healing brush, it takes a sample of the nearby area and makes an educated guess on what the new area should look like. It’s just a guess. An approximation. When the makeup is on point and you get it right in-camera, the pixels are as close to perfect as possible.

And here’s a before/after of the final photo after retouching:

A lot of things have to come together for the perfect headshot. Here we have a talented photographer + makeup artist + and a beautiful model. Protection Status

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  1. Nelly Rahman

    Close shot makeup headshot are really mindblowing. the final touch are awesome. thanks for share..


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