• eCommerce SEO: How to Silo Content

    This will be short and sweet, but like with many other things in SEO, sometimes the smallest things have the biggest impact. Let’s say you – or one of your clients is starting an eCommerce website. Siloing your content, and products is one of those things that pays to get done right the first time.… Continue Reading

  • 4 Las Vegas SEO Conferences That You Attend in 2014

    I’m lucky. Las Vegas is not only the entertainment capitol of the world, but it’s home to most of the major conferences in any industry. Part of the job of running SorianoMedia, a SEO company in Las Vegas, is attending major conferences, and learning the latest developments in SEO. A few have already past (most notably… Continue Reading

  • Digital Marketing 101: The Basics

    Image Credit: SorianoMedia “Your SEO consultant shouldn’t be a specialist.” I’ve said that over and over, but it bears repeating. Today, Meyling Lau is going to give you a breakdown of Digital Marketing 101. She’s a partner at SEOMap.com and has lead enterprise scale SEO programs. Formerly, she led a variety of grassroots marketing projects for Hotels.com.… Continue Reading