Fiverr Review – Pros and Cons from a Fiverr Buyer & Seller

Fiverr is the world’s largest online marketplace for $5 services, with wild services such as “I will have your logo or message painted on my back with body art technique and take high res photos for $5″ and an attractive female is willing to “post a video to your Facebook saying whatever you want,” Fiverr is a marketplace that’s naturally viral and has grown exponentially since launch. As a customer, I love that you can find and get people to do the craziest things for $5, but as an entrepreneur, I hate the “black hat” business services that are developing out of Fiverr. More often than not, you can’t pay $5 for quality business services, as the old adage goes, “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” This Fiverr Review aims to look at the pros and cons from the perspective of both a buyer and seller.

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Fiverr has grown exponentially since it’s launch, not boasting over 2,000,000 services and even allowing high level sellers to offer services up to $500.  For most new buyers, if something goes wrong you can always fall back to, “Meh, it was only $5.” It’s a no lose situation.

Here’s a look at some of their top business gigs, there are a few good listings, you just have to know what you’re looking for. Look for listings that have a lot of feedback, Fiverr started to publish a cancellation ratio for sellers who cancel their orders a lot, most of the time they do this to offer a refund to an unhappy buyer. Here’s an example of a gig that I bought, and the seller ended up requesting cancellation after I requested a revision:

Fiverr Review

I won’t mention the seller by name for privacy reasons, but notice that the seller has a 99% positive rating over 859 votes, but also notice that his cancellation ratio is 28%. Which means, his positive rating should really be around 70% because he’s canceling and refunding any problematic orders. So 28% of his buyers are unhappy to the point that they want a refund or revision, I’m guessing another 50% of his buyers are saying, “Well, it’s just $5″ and they don’t say anything to the seller at all.

Takeaway: If you see a high cancellation ratio on a Fiverr gig, don’t buy.

While a curious buyer on Fiverr, and even a “Level One” seller (10+ Orders with “excellent ratings and a great track record,” I know a bit about the system. But I wanted more information for this post. I *could* just message a few sellers… but I had a better idea; I could pay a top Fiverr seller to write an article on the “Pros and Cons of Fiverr!” I messaged two top sellers before ordering to get their approval, as I understand that I doubt any top seller would bite the hand that feeds them by leaving a distasteful Fiverr review. One seller declined to write the article citing, “I cannot write on this because Fiverr is the place where I work.” The other seller (who will go anonymous) was up for the challenge.

I specifically mentioned that, “It doesn’t have to veer one direction or the other, just a balanced article illustrating the good, the bad, and the ugly.” And while I thought it would be hilarious to hire one of the writers who can churn out 500 words (of broken english) for $5 we know that doesn’t really work out (See: Is Fiverr a scam?).

I wanted a longer piece thus I ordered the listing multiple times and ended up spending $30. It wasn’t the cheapest article, even for Fiverr, but I wanted to get a deeper understanding of the Fiverr model from a seller’s perspective, and I wanted to avoid any sellers that reeked of BS, sort of like this seller who I found spamming his services on Quora:

Fiverr Review

If you’re going to spam your writing service, you can at least capitalize the right letters…

Without further ado, here’s the full unadulterated article written by a top seller on Fiverr:


Freelancing on Fiverr

If you have a specialized skill like writing, photography, web design, voice overs, art, or just about anything else you can think of, there is probably a market for your services online. Many people daydream about quitting their day jobs to do only what they love all day long but just can’t figure out how to get started. Freelance sites like can help you build recognition as an independent sales person in your niche market.

There are a lot of freelance sites to choose from and many people have found success with although it is not without its drawbacks as well. Here we will examine the pros and cons of Fiverr and let you decide for yourself if this website works for you.

Fiverr has a very simple concept. People post small jobs, called “gigs,” that they are willing to do for just $5. It sounds small, but what it really provides is a platform to grow from. Buyers like Fiverr because they can get small tasks done quickly and cheaply, there isn’t a large risk and over time they can find dependable freelancers they can turn to for quality work. Sellers can grow their business by offering basic gigs for $5 and offering upgrades and extras for additional money.

Fiverr Pros

  • Clean and clear website design, easy to navigate, easy to use
  • Clear and easy to understand concept
  • Active and fun community with supportive forum
  • Make money doing something you love

The biggest advantage to Fiverr, of course, is making extra money doing something you love. Now, there are a few lucky people out there that have turned their gigs into a full time job. There is even a recent story of a Fiverr seller who bought a small house exclusively with Fiverr money! It can be done, but of course it takes dedication. More likely though you can use Fiverr as extra income and who wouldn’t love to get paid for a hobby?

Because Fiverr offers basic jobs for a set cost, they attract a fairly decent quality of work. Some freelance sites that allow people to bid very low on jobs attract nothing but low end work that is often plagiarized or automated. Since the job costs are more on a level playing field the quality is a little more level as well.

Fiverr is a very easy website to use and the communication from staff is friendly and conversational. For the most part customer service concerns are handled in a timely mannor although they can get bogged down from time to time and delays can happen. The staff is generally friendly and they follow up to make sure the issue was resolved.

Fiverr Cons

  • 20% revenue sharing with Fiverr, that’s a pretty big fee for them to host your services, other sites do it for less
  • Limited ways to get paid, mostly relies on Paypal with additional fees
  • 14 day hold time on funds
  • Automatically accepts jobs, limited control for sellers

One of the biggest drawbacks to Fiverr is their rating and level system which is highly automated and is too easily skewed by things that are clearly outside of the seller’s control. For instance, if a buyer places five or ten orders on the same day for a service the seller doesn’t provide, or worse something that is illegal or against Fiverr’s rules, the gig gets automatically accepted by the system and the seller is forced to cancel the orders which will most likely cause them to lose their seller level for a period of time. Since the system is automated complaining to customer service will do no good, and the seller will have to wait to complete more good orders to renew their level. Fortunately customer service can do things about erroneous negative feedback and buyer scams, but they can’t do anything to circumvent their own automated leveling system at this time.

Sellers often report issues with the payment system being slow or costing too much in fees. Fiverr is attempting to add other forms of payment but at this time the 14 day waiting period stands for users at all levels.

Some people have a difficult time getting noticed on Fiverr, particularly if their gig is in a popular category. The rate at which your gig appears on the first page seems to be a combination of your activity; so filling orders, getting “collected” and getting feedback all lead to you being bumped to the first page which can help you get orders. Fiverr staff hand picks gigs to be “Featured” and unfortunately they don’t change very often leading the “featured” sellers to be the same day in and day out and often these sellers fall in rating due to late orders and you have featured sellers at low ratings. A great way to get noticed though is to be active in the forums, chatting and helping other users.

Overall, Fiverr is a valuable freelance website that allows sellers a lot of freedom in what they choose to offer and what extras they choose to charge for (once they get to level one or above). If anything, it is a great stepping stone on the path to transitioning from working at a 9-5 job to becoming your own boss, doing what you love to do.


They proved that the on-demand marketplace works, it’s opened up a new market in many different verticals. Some are focused exclusively on SEO, others on design. Some carbon carbon copies are simply targeting a different price point (Tenrr – $10). Keep in mind that Fiverr is, as far as I know, the only well funded of the aforementioned marketplaces.

Did you enjoy my our review of Fiverr? What do you think of Fiverr? Let me know below!

Latest Comments

  1. kingozai says:

    simply, fiverr has a lot crafty methods for preventing release earnings to freelancer. such as clearance periods, unnamed payment verification mails etc.

    - clearance period: 15 days! we are in 2013, that’s communication era, everything is fast. its just a trick.
    - withdraw fee: currently it only send transfers to paypal and its free. but fiverr cut off 50 cent from each withdraw.
    - payment verification mail: fiverr will send you a verification mail upon withdraw request. and this mail contains no subject or sender title. and directly goes to spam folder of your mail client.

  2. aiko says:

    fiverr is a big scam, and being racist on top!
    Just because a user is form outside USA , they cancel any gigs made!
    They a lot of incompetent people working just to use you!
    If anybody wanna get rip, just use fiver, they surely will strip you naked!
    God shall rip them off this world, god will reward fiverr for each its bad work!

    1. Devinder says:

      I don’t agree with you for blaming fiverr as being racist, I am from india and have 3 active gigs and working for 11 months and earning handsome income to feed my family

  3. Fiverr Hater says:

    Fiverr is incredibly terrible. They denied all of my gigs even though they were straight forward. Didn’t allow me to upload apropriate clean images to support them when I was setting up the gigs that didn’t work. Then I had to contact them just to be able to delete my account. SUCH A HUGE WASTE OF TIME.

    1. Robin says:

      Thanks Thomas,
      I have had some really mixed feelings about all the work I done and used several sellers. Some experiences were really bad.

  4. Matthew Danskin says:

    I have only recently discovered fiverr but really enjoy it. I posted a gig writing messages using license plate letters from my collection and have had 2 orders a day for 3 days so far. Everyone has been easy to work with and happy with the product they received. 15 days hold time is a little ridiculous but it’s extra income anyways so who cares? I enjoy the small ($4) reward for each gig I do that only takes me a couple minutes.

  5. robby says:

    I will never attempt to use again. TWICE I have requested projects and TWICE they claim they are delivered but they were not. One I couldn’t open because I don’t have aprogram to support it (yet the creator of the gig claimed the format detail was in the service recap (I promise you it wasn’t), and the 2nd one sent me a message to pick up my gig in a foreign place where I didn’t understand the language (sorry, I’m English speaking). I wouldn’t recommend fiverr to NOONE. For $10, I’ve received $1000 headache. It’s not worth it!!!!

  6. Roshan says:

    Good article! I personally don’t think Fiverr is such a good market place either.

    I have been a Fiverr seller for a long time and these were the thing I was able to observe 1) Fiverr takes 20% of your Income 2) Fiverr usually take the buyers side 3) Fiverr site design isn’t that great 4) Fiverr gives buyers unlimited time to leave a review 5) Buyers can’t edit their feedback or remove it after a certain time

    1. Entrepreneur says:

      I agree with some of what you said, but the tables have turned now. Now it’s the seller who has all the control & can do whatever they want. What irks me more than anything is that a seller can have my review removed if they don’t like it. If you sellers think that’s fair, then seriously I won’t even say what I think about that.

      And because a lot of sellers are upset at buyers, they also take it out on me.

      To all sellers – I am NOT the buyer you had a problem with, I’m someone new, don’t take your anger out on me for someone else’s actions. If you don’t like Fiverr (sellers often complain about how little they make) then REMOVE your account.

      Very simple.

      1. Roshan says:

        Are you sure though? Because I email Fiverr staff to remove buyer’s feedback with very valid reasons…they say…sorry we can’t do that. Please sort it out with the buyer. I tried literally 10 times for each sale before. Even if they are inactive, they refuse to remove feedback :(

        But I somewhat I agree with you because sometimes, its the sellers fault and not necessarily the buyers. Some are really lazy and don’t actually make an effort to produce 100% satisfied results. I am talking about the 0.01% of the buyers who tend to leave negative feedback to get back their money.

        And yes, if they wanna complain about how little they make, why don’t they charge higher? I charge $45 for a decent email template and not $5. As a result I get lower number of sales but then again, I started getting great feedback on each sale and made up for all the lost $5 sales in no time :)

        1. bjk says:

          My novella was proofread by two Fiverrs– one outstanding, one good. I also hired a graphics artist to design my book cover. Although the first designer stated he spoke English, clearly he did not because he created a porno book cover for an innocent teen romance. Then he tried to get more money from me to create a different design when he clearly stated that he would revise as many time as necessary. He harangued me daily until I removed my just review saying I was “ruining his life.” The second designer created a charming cover and was pleasant to work with.

          My chief problem is with uploading. I have a Mac, One day, I tried to hire a Kindle formatter for my novella; it wouldn’t upload. After two tries, I cancelled and the seller described me as having to “go to mental hospital.” This formatter should be fired from Fiverr.

          Overall, the sellers are generous and talented. Clear communication is the key for quality service, which is hard if there is a language barrier, and the seller has misrepresented his ability to speak English.

          I would like Fiverr to add an optional tip gig after a product is received. I would’ve liked to have been able to tip Fiverrs whose work was exceptional.

          1. Clelia Mattana says:


            I was looking for a designer to create a simple logo. I Chose one based on the reviews (my bad I didn’t check out this article first), and I had to pay in advance (25$ as I wanted 3 logo concepts). I sent my requirement to the seller but he still haven’t replied.

            Just in case he doesn’t reply, I know I can cancel the order but what about the money? is that true that I can use them to get another gig?
            If so, can anyone mention a name (here or privately) for a good logo designer? I don’t want anything too complicated, just a professional looking logo.


  7. sonniewithachanceofmeatballs says:

    Great article. Truth is, fiverr’s not such a bad market place.

    It just has too many idiot buyers who:

    1. just can’t follow instructions (i’ve mentioned in my gigs that I don’t do academic content and book reviews because i’m such a slow reader, and yet I still get requests for book reviews)

    2. think I’m from planet Krypton. You really think I could write 15 500 word articles in 1 day? seriously?

    Cancel their order and my ratings plummet. It came to the point that none of that matters to me already, but then again, my ratings is what’s keeping the orders coming.

  8. Mike Kennedy says:

    I have had good luck and bad with buying services on Fiverr. One person never completed the gig, but pressured me to put positive feedback up within his timeline. Had an app made for $45 that went nowhere, but I can see that as being my fault for the concept(although the app was seen as a virus on some friends phones). Got a nice logo made for $5. Tried some different $5 market gimmicks, but most of them I could even tell if they worked. Did not see any results from having these backlinks produced. My focus was on promoting either my Youtube Channel or my facebook page that promotes my youtube page. Paying facebook, while expensive compared to fiverr seem to have better results for my Facebook page. Nothing beat just one of my videos becoming popular for no apparent reason that I have failed to duplicate.

    1. Cecily Doyle says:

      No offense, but you get what you pay for.

      If you want an app developed or a WordPress template designed for a 100 page website, you don’t go to Fiverr to find that talent. Go to Elance or whatever it’s called now, and have someone actually bid a fair price for that product. App design should cost hundreds or even thousands, not 45 bucks.

      C’mon man.

  9. Quaisha A. Thornton says:

    I am a current Fiverr Seller and Buyer for more than 8 months. This is a good article but I had to point out the paragraph about cancellation ratios. There are numerous reasons why there are cancellations for a gig. The way you talked about it, it made it seem like its because of the Seller’s work that there are cancellations even in the slighest. This is not the case. I had to revise one of my gig’s information several times due to buyers stupidity and/or they cannot read nor follow proper instructions. Several occassions, they flat out order the gig the gig that states it doesn’t do the very thing they request. So as a business person, I cannot do my job based on stupidity, missinformation, and flat out ignorance. It doesn’t help anybody. So the cancel request is a good option. :-)

    1. Cassandra Martin says:

      I totally agree! I have had to use cancellations due to incomplete information and very poor communication. Sometimes the buyer will submit orders and never write anything after that forcing cancellation

        1. Blaise Gauba says:

          This sounds a bit like Thumbtack. Although, it is quite different as far as how you get a gig. You have to bid on it against four other freelancers. Obviously you have no idea what the other freelancers’ quotes are, which is fine, except that you can easily be massively underbid and not even know it, except for the fact that you didn’t get the job. But one good thing about Thumbtack is that you have some level of communication with the buyer if you are willing to pay the small upfront fee for placing a bid in the first place.

          Often though as it is with any freelancing job/web service, is that if the potential client doesn’t provide a phone number so you can speak with them one on one (which Thumbtack provides to the freelancer…IF the potential client offers their phone number), then you often do not understand what the potential client wants…and if they only want to communicate through e-mails and/or text messaging…then it can become a huge hassle. I’m a professional. I prefer to communicate directly with my client. I have gotten quite a few good gigs through Thumbtack, but it IS limited, so I am always looking for other web services that offer freelancing opportunities.]

          But Fiverr seems a bit weak. I’m an established professional who has over thirty years of experience in several different, but related fields in the various niches of the entertainment industries from Theme Parks, to Feature Films, to Television Shows, Television Commercials, the Toy Industry and even the Greeting Card Industry. I won’t do ANY job for $5.00, even if I can add on a few bucks for revisions. My hourly rate for graphics is $[][].[][], period. Sculpture: $[][][].[][] per hour. Concept Design: $[][][].[][] per hour. Digital Sculpting: $[][][].[][] per hour.

    2. Jay Peek says:

      “stupidity” isn’t in a “businesspersons” vocabulary. its a subjective word even if you successfully assassinate someones character in public…and entirely an “ass-umption” when its a human transaction across a digital internet.

      1. Quaisha A.Thornton says:

        Stupidity is an adjective describing a person’s actions. Its not the same thing as calling someone stupid. Also, its not an assumption if you are dealing with a client personally. If that’s how you describe your experience, then that’s what it is. If trying to insult my clients, which I have never done in their presence, then I would just call them an idiot.

        To deny what a person is just because you do business with them is appalling. I choose not to waste my time with those who don’t care enough to actually do business.

        1. Jay Peek says:

          Yeah, I got our word wrong. It seems “I” made an assumption that you call folks stupid in business dealings. Their are alot of stupid people with millions of dollars. ~My apology.

    3. IKAD says:

      That’s a good point. I have bought some services from Fiverr seller’s and recently had to mutually cancel with a seller because she wasn’t able to do the service I needed (a small detail that wasn’t mentioned in her ad but it wasn’t anyone’s fault). So we decided to cancel before any work was started. On the other had, I would really like to mention that some “stupidity” can also be on the end of the seller as well. I just wrote a comment about how it goes both ways. And it’s definitely frustrating when you’re dealing with a “professional” that doesn’t follow instructions, doesn’t care, doesn’t follow-thru, etc. You sound reasonable (just frustrated- I get it) so nothing personal but I tell ya it goes both ways. I’ve been frustrated at customer and freelancer (not on Fiverr) and it can make you want to scream either way…seriously. lol

  10. Entrepreneur says:

    I’m upset that Fiverr took away the cancellation ratio from seller’s profiles. When I asked why, Fiverr ignored me just like they always do when they don’t want to answer a question that is very important.

    I WANT to see how many problems a seller has with their buyers, that’s a determining factor for me if I should trust them.

    I get that some buyers are idiots, but so are many sellers who NOW cancel any order I place if they don’t like something.

    Clearly Fiverr it making it MUCH easier for sellers to waste my time & cause me stress.

    I’ve also noticed that the quality of sellers has decreased a lot since I first became a buyer. Now many of the sellers think they are gawd’s gift to the Universe & they control all the shots. It’s also clear that if you can just get any negative review removed, then WHAT’S THE POINT in the system being fair? IT’S NOT!

    I never abuse anyone, if a seller isn’t clear in what they offer, that’s their issue, not mine. That’s why good communication & respect is paramount.

    But this is a Fiverr issue, not a seller one.

    Oh & they ALSO removed how many negative reviews a seller has. Clearly they don’t want buyer’s to know the truth about sellers, they ONLY care about making money.

    1. Matt Gould says:

      When you post as an anonymous entrepreneur, you kind of create, the same problem on your review that you are upset with them over…Just saying.

    2. Shiu says:

      Making it easier to sellers? REALLY? It’s a damn inferno being a seller there, Fiverr is clearly buyer friendly, not seller friendly. Buyers don’t even have a profile page with “stars”, a seller just can’t nudge a contract, once it came your way you MUST finished and guess what? If a buyer ask for something you never offer in your gig, even if you ask mutual cancellation it affects hardly the seller. Oh and if you are new there say goodbye to your level 1 upgrade in the near future.
      I joined Fiverr a month ago only to do little commissions while resting from my big projects and sadly I’m already planning to leave, it has stress the way out of me. While the web has Amazing buyers, people it’s absolutly friendly and the forum communit help a lot, the company takes $1 per every sale, so freelancers get only $4… Not only that, if you commit any mistake (as simply linking a portfolio) you get hardly punished, not able to level up, they remove any tag from your gigs and any extra perks you may have. I have read of people being level 2 and TRS who lose all their levels for a damn link that was not allowed, is that even fair???? We are speaking of a $5 USD website, not even big and REAL freelancer webs has that silly rules :/
      People can’t just expect to have the world for $4,it’s for fun or little things that needs to be done quick. You can’t have an outstanding project done there.
      Fiverr it’s a great place for fresh ideas, friendly community, friendly buyers. Period. The problem with fiverr it’s fiverr.

      1. Dylan says:

        Of course it would be biased towards buyers. Buyers are where Fiverr gets its income. It takes 20% of whatever you make on each order.

        1. Devinder says:

          I am a seller at fiverr and going well there, but I think fiverr likes good sellers who turn potential buyers to sales, fiverr has made promotion of my gigs various time, so I don’t agree fiverr is only buyer biased

      2. Nyree says:

        Oh, you don’t get $4, you only get $3.92 when you withdraw your funds which take 14 freakin’ days to be available. Fiverr is a waste of time.

    3. Tere says:

      All of these sites, Ebay, Google, Fiverr are buyer oriented which blows my mind since the Sellers are the one who provide the income. I was a top tier seller on Ebay after months of setting up my business. They changed the rules August 20 this year and put me out of business with a 99% customer rating. There is no working with the young masterminds that start and run these sites. Everything for them is numbers and algorithms and I hope it bites them in the butt someday.

  11. Hanna P says:

    Thanks a lot it is always nice with some vice words.

    Fiverr or are a mix of everything there are a lot of cheat and blackhat mixed with some god Gigs and not so god Gigs. What is good ?, for is it a lot of cheap services i can use for something, help to programming, funny videos, …. and the bad works are for me all the fake and chaet and blackhat and some low Q work.

    I never buying 10000 backlinks, i never buying 10000 followers and so on i only use the sites funny and usefull things i belive are good works, i don’t be poor to waist 5$ but also i don’t like to spend 40$ for some crap.

    I love sites with Gigs special fiverr1 becourse it is more easy to sell there, i have 5 Gigs but i can not survive for the money i get but i make about 20 – 80$ every week.

  12. Shay says:

    I am not happy with fiverr. I had trouble sending a music link and when I finally sent it, the seller would not respond to say whether he could open it. I tried support twice with two different people who were unable to get in touch with seller and now have to cancel order. A waste of my time. Shailah Edmonds

  13. John Lau says:

    Had used it for a few times now but NOT a single time I can get a satisfied service. For most SEO services on Fiverr don’t even think about trying! That’s my experience…

  14. ElroyFlintstone says:

    I tried Fiverr on the advice of a friend, and bought a bunch of services saying they could get my YouTube views up. It worked. Then today I got a notice that two of my YouTube vids were removed due to violations re: machines creating fake views. So not only did I lose the artificial views, i lost the legitimate ones, which in some cases were around 400. For an indie musician like me, this is a fucking disaster, and I will never use Fiverr again.

    1. Dylan says:

      And this is why you don’t buy fake views. Do it the legitimate way and gain your views like everyone else (that isn’t a money grabbing whore like Shane Dawson, etc).

      People like you are the reason why YouTube content is sinking below a good standard.

  15. Mia Francis says:

    Time waster. Need to wait 15 days after delivering the order to get a pay of $4. Some buyers won’t pay after getting the work done. Fiverr won’t take any kind of responsibility regarding the pay. Pathetic customer care. Never expect a reply from the customer care team. If you are lucky you will get a reply after 15 days or so.

  16. IKAD says:

    Well, I’m not a seller on Fiverr (but I have years of experience with freelancing various services in the past). I have bought several services from Fiverr and my experienced has been mixed. So far, no one has blown me away but I have worked with some decent sellers and some really crappy ones. The thing is people are people (whether buyers or sellers) so it goes both ways.

    There are several things that Fiverr could do to improve (and this is not an exhaustive list…but just off the top of my head):

    - To benefit both buyers and sellers they should set up the services where a buyer can not just automatically “buy” a seller service (mind you I’m just a buyer on Fiverr so I’m assuming a bit here). But a potential buyer of course reads seller profile, etc. then maybe contacts the buyer and they BOTH have to agree on moving forward. This way it isn’t so one-sided and it would cut down on a lot of cancellations I’m sure. I’ve used Elance (as freelancer and client) and although it’s a bidding site, I like the fact that both parties are able to AGREE to terms before moving forward.

    -Fiverr needs to do a better job of monitoring buyers and sellers. This point would be too long to get into, but lets just say I have dealt with some really crappy buyers before. Extremely sub par work PLUS a bad attitude (it’s funny that the ones with quality services tend to have better customer service) and a bunch of 5 star reviews. I HATE giving someone low reviews, especially when I’ve paid so little for their services. But at the same time, the last buyer I worked with clearly didn’t even give it a kindergarten try and then had the nerve to get smart with me. For 5 bucks I cut my losses and still gave them a slightly above average review (I shouldn’t have). I think a lot of people on Fiverr get by with piss-poor services because the costs are so low. I’m not sure but Fiverr needs “secret shoppers” or something! lol

    Well, this is long enough. But I’m not bashing sellers at all because I know some work hard. And like I said I’ve done freelancing and I KNOW it can get rough and a lot of buyers want the world. I will note that I lot of people that want work done cheaply are some times the hardest to work with so in that sense I can understand some Fiverr seller’s frustration but then again we all have choices (too freelance, to take a shot buying services from Fiverr, etc.)

    Patience goes a long way. But at the end of the day the seller has the responsibility to be courteous and professional. I’d say that sellers need to be buyers for a week or so (and vice versa)…having both points of view really puts things in perspective.

  17. Michaela Curry says:

    I buy and sell on Fiverr, and find that both sellers and buyers don’t follow very simple instructions. I realize five bucks doesn’t buy much, but if you agree to sell for that price at least follow the buyer’s instructions.

  18. Jacob says:

    Good review! I’m making a few hundred bucks a month on fiverr now, super glad I signed up, lol
    Took a few months to hit level 2 but now I get a few orders a day. Not too bad.

  19. Mingjie Zhai says:

    Total rip. One seller didn’t deliver on the merchandise and now he owes me $200. But Fiverr wouldn’t give me the refunds. They told me it was past the 13 days even though initially it was Fiverr customer support who told me to work it out with the Merchant and give him the time he needs to deliver the merchandise. Fiverr doesn’t protect the buyers from fraud and scammers who are out to sell bad services or products.

  20. Manuel says:

    Fiverr is a sham and a fraud. Most of the profit is being made by dishonest scam artists which is themselves and low quality sellers. It doesn’t pay to be honest and do high quality work and satisfy all users on fiverr. That would put you at a disadvantage. If you have a bitchy customer just cancel their job and move on. Honest seller ratings on fiverr are impossible.

    They also have high hidden processing fees. It’s too much to detail all here but most sellers think fiverr is taking 20% when in reality they are taking 25-30%.

  21. Jane Doe says:

    The majority of my cancellations are from buyers who did not bother to read my gig prior to ordering. I have a gig for book editing, and you would not believe how many high school and college students order and tell me to do their homework for them. Sometimes I log in to find they ordered, then asked for a cancellation five minutes later.

  22. emailmehere says:

    I like Fiverr. I have bought several marketing gigs and received just what I asked for everytime. As a buyer a person needs to be mindful when searching for that one service they need. First of all someone who can send you 30k unique visitors to your website, YouTube video or blog in a a short period of time is most likely going to be a spammy service. Someone who can build you a webpage include SEO and articles and extras for $5,$20 or $50 is probably going to be mediocre at best. For some people this kind of stuff is ok, but for others they feel they got duped. Remember as a buyer these sellers on Fiverr are competing for clicks on the “Order Now” button. They will sometimes say they can provide you a service but to get you to click on that “Order Now” button they will say “$10,000 a month guaranteed”. Then you buy the gig and they say well with our method you can make up to $10k a month some day if you work hard at it. Then they get buyers to cancel and they don’t know why. As a seller always remember your on Fiverr to look for services/gigs that are cheap and can be quickly executed. Remember only some services can be done cheaply and quickly. Others, take time and cost alot of money. Don’t expect the world out of your seller. They only make money on volume. Also remember to use sellers who have more than maybe 50 to 100 4 to 5 star reviews. Read those reviews. I think Fiverr needs to allow a follow up review months after the gig has been completed. This will allow a more genuine review about how the service has affected their life over time. This would change things.

    Sellers, this is a message to you. Remember your prospects who are browsing your gigs are looking for a service that is going to change their life in a small way or a big way. You the seller are providing a service for the buyer who cannot get it anywhere else on the planet for this low of cost. If your a seller and your selling a gig and your sales page says you can provide a specific service and just to get more clicks it also states that you will drive them tons of business or tons of money. You are asking to get some buyers to cancel. People believe this stuff. They are coming to Fiverr as a place where honest sellers are going to help them with their problems for cheap. They are thinking of small miracles and if your hinting you can provide it they will believe it. Once you let them down you are asking for trouble. Just be straight with people about what you can provide and you will not have problems. Make a statement on your sales page that says if your looking for a service outside of the scope of my specific service or are in question about this service PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE YOU BUY GIG!


  23. Laddy Regedanz says:

    I buy a lot of services on Fiverr and the quality varies greatly. I am one of those who say oh well it was just $5 if it doesn’t work out. But I have also spent several hundred dollars on a gig that didn’t work out, and not because I am a stupid buyer as some sellers like to claim, but because the work wasn’t what was advertised. I always try to be fair in my reviews and if my review equals 4 stars, and I immediately get a GO F**K YOURSELVE (sic) from the seller then that just reinforces my review status. For the most part I get my moneys worth if not more, but on occasion I just throw money away, and those sellers who provide sub standard work, not even worth 5 bucks, are the ones who complain about reviews and make Fiverr sellers look bad.

  24. James says:

    Micha Kaufman the CEO is a THIEF!!!

    “They took my money, job cancelled, couldn’t leave feedback”

    Bad experience. Learned from it.

    Don’t get mad. You can always report them to paypal to get your money back (all) as they get the percentage even though you waited your time,
    they didn’t respond to your emails and they cancelled job and they way you can’t leave feedback.

    Unprofessional designer, Fiverr manipulate reviews, they know job wasn’t done, you still loose the commission they steal from you. Or, and they
    give the money back NO, they put the money on their website, they don’t give it back to your bank account.

    Micha Kaufman the CEO is a THIEF!!! He knows what he is doing and is taking your money, end of story.

    Also you can report this company to the BBB, people should know what they are about.

    Designer said my wordpress was dynamic, not static. I asked others and they said WordPress is dynamic and is able to do the design. It was an excuse for not wanted to do the work and the commission fiverr takes 20% is not worth it.

    Take care everyone! and take care of your money!

    1. lucie says:

      I got scam by a writer, a designer and supposedly a wordpress guy.
      The writer deliver articles she jut copy and paste, I report her to fiverr, oh yes they send my money back TO MY FIVERR ACCOUNT!
      I can’t withdraw it back to my paypal

      Then designer create a logo for me that already exist

      And I needed help with some stuff with my wordpress website and the guy mess up the all things and half of the job was done because “he didnt know how to do it”

      There is other platform was better with a better customer service than fiverr!


      1. Jay Soriano says:

        You can’t reasonably expect anyone to do those tasks for $5. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

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