Lexi Fleury – Graduation Photos Las Vegas

A few years back I was offered my first paid gig through a friend. I was uneasy because I had never thought of myself as a photographer, much less a “professional.” But I accepted, photography was always a hobby that I wanted to get better at and I figured if anything went wrong I wouldn’t accept payment.

All I knew coming in is that they wanted graduation photos, having no experience I literally just said do a search for “graduation photos” on Pinterest, save a few pins and we could replicate that during the shoot.

We arranged the shoot outside of my office during lunch which already showed my inexperience, didn’t even think about the Golden Hour for Photography or a better location.

Lexi Fleury Headshots

But overall, things turned out OK. I thought there was a lot of room for improvement but both Debbie and Lexi Fleury liked it. Honestly though, Lexi made it super easy. Easy to work with and clearly photogenic.

Had this shoot gone wrong, I’d probably have no interest moving forward as a photographer. Thus I’m super appreciative that Debbie gave me this opportunity, and to Lexi for making my first shoot a positive one. And shoutout to Suni, for helping out with the shoot.

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