Product Photography

Product photography for $100 per product (with 3-4 different angles) on a simple white seamless background. 50% off on additional products in the same session. 

Product pickup and drop-off also available for $40 in Southwest, Summerlin and Henderson. $60 for everywhere else. Please contact me for on-location services.

Based on my research, this is hands down the best price for product photography in Las Vegas. Here’s what some of my competitors charge:

  • – Starting at $60-$95 per photo (does not include additional angles)
  • – $125 per product with 3-4 different angles.
  • And there’s many more photographers in the area who don’t publish prices… Feel free to do your own research but I’ll doubt you’ll find this quality at this price.

Products must be under 24″ wide, long or high. An additional charge applies to larger products.

Payment Terms: For orders under $500, the full amount is due before starting the project. For orders over $500, 50% is due before starting the project, and the final 50% is required before final delivery of the images.


  1. Deliver the product to my studio (Sahara x Hualapai) with payment/deposit on-hand.
  2. Please send specific requirements or samples of photos that you would like me to replicate via the internet, or a snapshot with your phone. Example photos must be sent prior to the shoot. If you choose not to send example photos, I’ll use my best judgement.  
  3. I’ll send the final high resolution images via a link on Dropbox, alternatively you may bring a flash drive for when you pickup your product(s).
  4. Pickup your product(s) within 14 days of final delivery, otherwise product may be discarded.

Turnaround Time: Generally, 7 days depending on how many products. Expedited service is an extra $50 and photos will be delivered within 72 hours.

Why do you need product photography?

Good product photography is important for branding your business. If you have poorly lit photos, or even worse – cell phone shots, you’re brand is looking more like Craigslist than anything else. If you have an eCommerce business, good product photography is not only essential, but required by some companies if you want to sell through their channels – such as Amazon.

Will your photos be accepted by Amazon?

Yes, Amazon has specific requirements for products on their website and I can meet those specifications. Your main photo on Amazon must be extracted from the background (even if it’s white) and placed on a shadowless background that is “pure white” to meet Amazon’s standards. One background extraction is included per $100 order. Additional background extractions are $5 per photo.    

Why should you choose me as your product photographer? 

I’m not the best product photographer, but I am one of the most affordable, and I’ll let my results speak for themselves. I like to focus on simple white background product shots, if I think there’s someone better for the job I’ll refer you to them.

Why you SHOULDN’T hire me as your product photographer? 

  • You run an eCommerce business and have worked with someone previously, if you want a consistent look it’s best that you higher the same photographer.
  • You have a highly reflective product. I don’t like dealing with highly reflective products, like bottles, glass, etc. If you understand that there will be reflections, I have no problem shooting these items.
  • You’re looking for lifestyle shots. I shoot mostly white background, though I can make exceptions, please contact me for details.
  • You’re a perfectionist. I believe I do a good job for at a low price of $100 per product, and I let my portfolio speak for itself. If you want perfect, has a nice portfolio, that of course, comes at a premium.

I’m run a clothing business, can you provide your product photography services? 

There’s a lot of different variables for clothing, such as do you want your clothes on a model or a mannequin? Do you have your own models? White or black background or an on-location shoot? Feel free to contact me and we can discuss details and I can provide a quote. Also, you can checkout my portrait photography here.

Can you shoot on-site?

I prefer to shoot in my home studio, but I can shoot on site for $50 extra. This is often required if you’re a restaurant owner who requires food photography.